5 Element Nutrition & Dietary Therapy

For the Chinese, there is no distinction between food and medicine. What you eat on a daily basis should be attended to with as much consciousness as the medicine you take during times of illness and disharmony. Similarly, what you eat during times of illness, makes as much difference to the speed and effectiveness of the body’s recovery as the medicine you take to treat yourself. Food and medicine have the same source, they are based on the same theories and have the same therapeutic uses.

One of the best ways of treating disharmony in the body is by regulating the diet. Especially in cases of chronic disease, a medicinal diet is an exceptional method of enhancing ongoing treatment. All food is said to encompass a yin or yang aspect, as well as an aspect of the 5 Flavors (spicy, salty, sweet, sour, bland). Each flavor quality has a different action which, when balanced synergistically in a meal, can provide an enjoyable and delicious way to treat a wide variety of imbalances.

Tamara has studied 5 Element nutritional dietetics with Liu Ming of Da Yuan Circle and Nam Singh of South Star Academy of Cooking with Chinese Herbs. At Red Bamboo Medicine, she can work with you to evaluate your current diet according to Chinese Medicinal and Daoist principles, as well as create an on-going individualized medicinal plan for your constitutional needs.