When I first came to Tamara, I wanted nothing more than to become pregnant. I had been trying to conceive for a couple of years and was told by various medical doctors, fertility specialists, and psychologists that the odds of me having a baby at age 40 were slim. I was extremely discouraged and stressed. A wise friend referred me to Tamara. She carefully assessed me and determined the treatment I needed for my cycle to become regulated and my body more receptive to pregnancy. Within a very short time period, I noticed changes — not only in my menstrual cycle, but also in my overall health and well-being. I often think about how the blessing of my so-called infertility was that it led me to Tamara. More than any other doctor or therapist, she helped me to tap into a part of myself that really wanted to be more mindful, careful, and healthy. I began to feel that even if I was not able to conceive, I was so grateful for my work with Tamara and the ways in which she was so fully present for me throughout my journey.

To my great delight, however, just when Tamara predicted that my body appeared much more receptive to conceiving, I became pregnant. I was very anxious at the beginning of the pregnancy, not being able to trust that it would 'stick.' Tamara, providing me with the appropriate herbs, acupuncture interventions, Reiki, and perhaps most profoundly, her presence and support, was invaluable in helping me to hold the growing baby inside me. Thanks to Tamara, my son was born a strong and healthy baby, sign of the dragon.


When I decided to start working with Tamara, I had been struggling for nearly 15 years with various debilitating health issues.  Women's Health Issues including reoccurring yeast infections, urinary tract infections, and kidney infections were my "norm".  The Candida (unbalanced internal yeast/bacteria levels) that had I had developed as a result of all the antibiotics I had been given to try to "treat" these issues left we with sluggish, irregular and incomplete digestion.  My immune system was weak and my overall zest for life was low.  Dedicating much of my adult life to educating myself in natural and alternative healing methods in an effort to free myself from these health burdens, the various avenues I had explored all helped but never seemed to last or get at the root of the issue allowing me to truly heal.  Tamara's name kept popping up within my healing communities and when I finally literally crossed paths with her in a crosswalk, I knew that working with her was the next directing for me to turn.

Immediately upon working with her, I could see that the approach that she took was one that I was seeking in that she was going to cut through the nonsense of treating symptoms and seek the deeply imbedded roots of cause.  I knew that in order to get to the bottom of my imbalances, I was going to have to look within, WAY within, to see some of the areas in which my traumas had created destructive patterns and built up protective barriers that were showing up as physical illness but that were actually stemming from emotional and spiritual disharmonies. Tamara was there to guide and support me through this journey.

After working with Tamara every other week for nearly a year and a half now I can wholeheartedly say that I am no longer in a place of struggling or suffering with my health.  Tamara put 100% of her wellness expertise into choosing the right herbs for me, choosing the right acupuncture treatments for me, using techniques such as crystal healing and essential oil therapy with me, giving me the most potent Reiki I have ever experienced, giving me a life changing Polestar Astrology reading, recommending literature to help support me in my process, and maintaining an unwavering sense of commitment and support for me.

I would and do recommend working with Tamara to most everyone I know.  She is a truly phenomenal Healer and Teacher and TCM Doctor.

Devon, Integrative Health Practitioner

I am not able to do justice to the accolades that Tamara Ja deserves and has earned. Personally she has assisted me with work related anxiety. Also my experience with her acupuncture and herbs has helped me to relax. Taking the herbs in the evening definitely helps me to wind down and relax my body and my mind before going to bed. I find that the treatments themselves allow me to get some of the deepest states of relaxation that I am able to let go into. The treatments and herbs also have helped me with pain and have definitely boosted my immune system. Tamara has a high level of competency, skill, talent, and creativity that she brings to her acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine practice. In addition, she brings a breadth and depth to her practice from other healing modalities and traditions that she has studied and practices. She is able to integrate her studies and practices with a level of mastery. This is not a healing facilitator that has dabbled in this or that, whatever she has studied, it is evident that she has gone deep into it with the intention of mastery. Furthermore, Tamara is clearly a compassionate educator. The way she communicates and explains to you, it is clear she has a love and respect for knowledge.

Also I am so grateful for Tamara's cultivation and practice of her East Asian Animist traditions. Counsel from this perspective and wisdom from this perspective has allowed me to move on from a 22 year addiction to marijuana. With Tamara's guidance and assistance of one of her Polestar readings I was able to get the perspective I needed and the insight I needed to move on from my dependence on marijuana. I am able to see clearly now the impact of its use on my life and I am working daily to transform that dependence into living my life liberated from addiction. I am happy to state that I have been sober for 5 ½ months. Furthermore, the East Asian traditions that Tamara was able to offer was instrumental in turning the corner regarding intense chronic back pain I experience for 10 weeks. More importantly I was able to learn the lessons of self care and gain insight on how my lifestyle contributed to this intense period of chronic back pain.

It is evident that Tamara Ja is a deeply compassionate human being, dedicated to service and consistently seeking to improve her skills. When you work with Tamara it is a partnership and it is an empowering process. Working with Tamara you are engaging in process of healing the physical body, mental, emotional, and soul bodies( if you believe in a soul) Tamara has the capacity to work with you where you are at and communicate with you where you are at. If you want to experience what is like to work with someone who is brilliantly in stride with their purpose and mission in life with joy, compassion, and wisdom in their heart, contact Tamara Ja.

Michael D. Turner

I began seeing Tamara Ja to address uncomfortable menopausal symptoms, hot flashes, sleepless nights and mood swings. The acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbs she prescribed along with the dietary adjustments she recommended made an incredible difference in my life. Within a few months I was much more balanced, getting good rest and rarely experiencing hot flashes. She is an amazing healer with a wealth of knowledge that stems from her deep understanding of the practice and a strong connection to her lineage. Since the menopause phase ended, I have continued to see Tamara Ja for overall wellness and preventative health care. Her integrated approach to health has helped me a lot and taught me to have the discipline I need to stay balanced and healthy.

Tamara Klamner, Seva Foundation ~ Tapestry Productions

I have worked with other acupuncturists in the past, but Tamara's work as really resonated with me and because of that I have been a patient of hers for close to a year. I initially started seeing Tamara to ensure that I maintain my physical and emotional health as best as I can since being a social worker can deplete me physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Without a doubt, working with Tamara has transformed my health inside and out. To begin, since my early 20s (34 now) I have suffered from lower back pain due to the scoliosis in the lower right part of my spine and have worked with endless practitioners to curb the pain. With Tamara, the needle work she performs on my back has been astonishing to say the least. I feel the needles penetrate deep down through the layers upon layers of built up stagnation and stiffness that has handicapped me for over a decade and a feeling of release is left behind after the needles are removed. In addition, I feel an increase in mobility and fluidity in my lower back, which leaves me amazed and happy since I was hopeless for many years. Furthermore, I also take a concoction of Chinese herbs that Tamara has prescribed which in conjunction with the acupuncture has done wonders for my back pain. Tamara has also worked with me with regards to the anxiety that has plagued my life since I was a child. Living with anxiety is like having your mind and heart locked up in chains and not having the key to unlock them. Tamara has provided the key to not only release the anxiety, but to understand my anxiety in a way that allows me to take control of it, rather than the other way around. I also completed a Zi Wei Polestar Astrology reading with Tamara that gave me the insight I needed to transform my anxiety by knowing the origins of its roots. I also receive acupuncture in conjunction with Reiki and the powerful herbs she prescribes that releases my anxiety from me on a mental/psychological level (being more optimistic) and physical level (sleep better, not clenching my jaw at night, and better digestion). Lastly, to my surprise, my skin has never looked better! I have dealt with acne pretty much since I was 14 and my skin has never been clearer for this long of duration! My family, friends, and coworkers have even commented on my skin describing it as "radiant" and "natural glow" who doesn't want to hear that! Tamara puts intention, precise detail, and abundant compassion into her work and she is truly a master of her craft. After every session, I come out thinking "wow she nailed it" and feeling centered, healthy, and vibrant to my core, which is undoubtedly priceless.


I came to see Tamara because I had had a basal cell carcinoma some years ago and I wanted to take a preventive approach to possible future dermatological problems. I had some basic understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and chose that path and her. I didn't know then how fortunate I was! She diagnosed me as having an unhealthy level of heat (vaguely similar to inflammation) in my body. The beauty of TCM is that the treatment can be customized to each individual's constitutional makeup so Tamara treated me with acupuncture and an herbal formula and modified each as she saw movement toward balance. The result is that my skin feels and looks excellent--no problems. I see my dermatologist now once a year instead of every six months as before.

I continue to see Tamara because this 5,000 year-old science has a shamanic basis and is able to treat karmic issues which can be divined from Chinese Astrology which she has also studied deeply. Tamara's intelligence and highly refined intuition combined with years of study has resulted in a unique present-day exemplar of the great Chinese healing tradition. I am indeed fortunate to be her patient.

John Duignan, Server

Tamara is a dedicated healer possessing vast knowledge, deep insight, and a compassionate, strong presence. After an initial consultation and check up I quickly went from 'giving acupuncture a try' to feeling impressed by the results. As a result of several acupuncture and reiki sessions I found that my yoga practice deepened and expanded, and that the seeming division between my mind and body began to soften. This had a wide-ranging effect on my over all wellness, and helped me to discover greater equanimity and self awareness. She also recognized and helped me to correct a condition that seemed mysterious to me — a 'restless leg' syndrome that was being caused by a blood imbalance. How often can we say that visiting a healer has actually helped us become more whole? For me that has been rare, and I can say that working with Tamara has touched me that deeply. I recommend her work enthusiastically and unreservedly.

Arthur Avary, Web Developer and Designer

I feel very blessed to have found Tamara. She creates a relaxed and comfortable environment and her Acupuncture treatments always help me feel more balanced and energized. I've also found that her Reiki treatments provide a powerfully deep experience for me and leave me feeling profoundly relaxed and clear headed.

Another area that I find extremely helpful is her Pole Star Readings and being able to overlay the information on my life experience, it seems to have a surprisingly high accuracy. The map she provides has a strong relevance and affinity with the events I've experienced in my life. And the information that she brings up takes ideas to a deeper level where I can progress further, based on how I conduct my life, as well as showing me me things that are not optimal, and areas I can avoid. I feel that Tamara's visions and insights that are revealed in this process take me on a deeper internal journey of my own personal cosmology.

All in all, I appreciate her depth of knowledge and expertise, and I believe that she has a true passion for healing. I always leave her place feeling so clear headed, relaxed and peaceful. I highly recommend her services.


Tamara Ja is an effective healer, committed to assist people heal and move into their highest  physical, emotional and mental functioning. Her treatment modalities of Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture & Reiki provide a powerful synthesis that works at both physical and energetic levels. I have successfully utilized acupuncture to successfully remedy chronic and acute conditions, including tennis elbow, hypoglycemia, chronic constipation, sciatica, ankle and foot injuries from a fall and a growth on my eye.


I really appreciate the knowledge and expertise that Tamara provides in her Acupuncture treatments, as I'm seeing her to bring my entire body system into alignment, creating an overall sense of radiant health. So far I find that I'm more relaxed and balanced after her Acupuncture treatments and seem to be much more conscious of my whole body system in terms of the healthy foods I'm interested in eating, how flexible I feel and how much more clearer my mind seems to be.

I especially enjoy Tamara's Reiki treatments, the energy she transmits in those treatments allow me to journey quite easily where I can see and feel images and sensations that help me stay more closely aligned to the sense of radiant health that I'm cultivating. It's a wonderful combo when done with her Acupuncture treatment.

And the Pole Star Readings that I've received from Tamara have been uncannily accurate and very insightful in looking at my life's path, both in pointing out the learning experiences that I have encountered so far, as well as the other aspects that I'm currently attracting into my life. It gives me a GPS-type mapping system of the areas that I know I have consciousness of, and more importantly of those places where I can bring more consciousness to. I feel that having access to this information, allows me to more smoothly work out any "bumps" along my path and gravitate to experiences that bring me the most joy, passion, presence and peace to my life.

I believe that Tamara is an extremely gifted healer with a great depth of knowledge and a very nurturing sense about her. I highly recommend her.


Tamara Ja is an incredibly skilled and caring Practitioner. I have been treated for several months regarding maladies associated with a long martial arts life. Tamara does not simply treat the body of the client; she opens the client up to the full integration of emotional and energetic conditions that can possibly exist for us all. To be treated by Tamara is to be educated through a wide lens of interconnection with thousands of years of traditional Chinese medical practice history as firm foundation. Every visit, every treatment is an invitation for deep integration in which one can progressively come to see oneself, one's own behaviors and chosen environments in a new, profoundly deeper light. With every treatment, I am always reminded that each of us are active participants in our own health. Tamara is one of San Francisco's healing treasures; I am eternally grateful for her heart and guidance.

S. Z., Martial Artist/Writer/Entrepreneur

I began seeing Tamara in my first trimester of pregnancy and was fortunate enough to see her virtually every week, including a few weeks into my post partum period. Being in the healing world myself, I know a lot of practitioners and am extremely picky with who I choose to collaborate with. I feel truly honored to have experienced Tamara's nurturing, professional, and intelligent treatments during this amazing time in my life. The combination of acupuncture and intuitive hands on work combined to create a truly powerful and relaxing effect that I know contributed to the beautiful and peaceful homebirth I always dreamed of. I highly recommend her as an acupuncturist and a great human being. This is her life's work and it really shows!

Eréne Lejeune, Applied Chi Kung Practitioner/Traditional Tibetan Medicine

I have the highest regard for Tamara and her healing arts, from which I have benefitted since 2009. Tamara has played a significant role in my recovery from a lengthy physical and spiritual illness, whose manifestations included anxiety, recurring bouts of depression, hormonal imbalance, depleted energy, a vulnerable immune system, and susceptibility to physical injury. For several years I experimented with many different therapies and practices, but eventually found only a few to be truly helpful, including my work with Tamara. She treated my illness at a fundamental level, demonstrating deep insight and intuition that I feel is the unique product of her ongoing commitment to mastery of a suite of healing arts that integrates multiple practices and cultural traditions. I particularly appreciate how she cultivates a beautiful and nurturing environment in which relaxation and trust are strongly inspired. I heartily recommend her to others.


I found my way to Tamara in search of some much needed support, while in a process of healing old traumas and patterns of defense associated with early development. There are few words that can describe the deeply nourishing feeling of being seen, held, and understood at the many levels from which she works. In working with Tamara I have come to know her not just as my acupuncture but also as an ally, a teacher and a friend.


I was 40 when I went to see Tamara for fertility at the recommendation of a close friend. I'd had one miscarriage two years before, and then during the most recent 8 months of trying I felt as if I'd come close to conceiving but it hadn't stuck.

Well, one week after my first meeting with Tamara I conceived! I felt much more confident with her support as the months progressed successfully. I am now 19 weeks pregnant and it looks like all systems are go! I am a huge fan.

Sara, Entreprener (Sara is now the proud mother of a beautiful and healthy baby girl)

Not only is Tamara highly skilled and precise, she listens with an open and caring heart. Her Reiki is phenomenal. Since I began working with Tamara over a year ago, my symptoms of insomnia/adrenal fatigue and digestive issues have greatly improved. My acupuncture visits with Tamara are also an integral part of my wellness and preventative health care. I have learned a great deal about the subtleties of what it means to be healthy, and how I can be empowered to participate in my own health and well-being.


I've been a patient of Tamara's for over a year and have been able to experience the depth of her abilities to facilitate healing on multiple levels. Her holistic approach has been eye-opening for me as our work together often goes far beyond the physical. Tamara is extremely dedicated and passionate about her practice and has shown me a great deal of skilled care, always in the most compassionate manner. She's an amazing and wonderful person who has helped me achieve greater balance with my health as well other areas of life.

Tim G. Architect

As a nurse for 45 years I've come to learn the advantages and limitations of Western Medicine, and appreciate the necessity for Complimentary Medicine. I've benefited from Acupuncture, Cranio Sacral Work, Chiropractic care, and Naturopathic Medicine for over 25 years, so I consider myself an informed consumer.

I was fortunate to be refereed to Tamara Ja in 2011, when I was struggling with some health issues, and living in San Francisco. Recently she has treated me for a knee injury and laryngitis after I had seen traditional doctors and a Physical Therapist. My healing significantly changed after having acupuncture and Reiki treatments from Tamara. She pays full attention to symptoms, uses her intuition, her experience in Chinese Medicine, and other modalities, to formulate a treatment that she offers with compassionate care and powerful needles.

I'm grateful to have found such an accomplished healer.

R.R., RN