Zi Wei Polestar Astrology

This ancient Chinese system of astrology is centered on the Northstar (Polestar or Zi Wei). It references the Heavenly Stems/Earthly branches, the influence of the Twelve Zodiac Animals and Five Elements. With roots in animistic shamanism, Polestar Astrology was continuously developed over three millennia and highly refined during the Song Dynasty into the system generally practiced today. It is also a system which was originally practiced alongside Chinese Medicine to give greater breadth and depth to everything from ancestral inheritance to the constitution and prognosis of a patient.

Consultations are 2 hours long and require a person's exact time of birth, date of birth and location of birth. Tamara usually recommends that clients bring a recording device of some kind with them. It is often quite helpful to have access to these recordings weeks, months, even years after these sessions. Tamara has found these consultations to be of great benefit to her patients for their own self-reflection and process of healing. Appointments generally book anywhere from 2 to 8 months in advance.